Gadgets for men

Owl Wireless Security Camera, Battery Powered Surveillance Camera

This interactive owl camera looks cute, this cute pet owl surveillance camera will interact with you..

Rs 9,800

Portronics POR-704 Adjustable Table for Laptop

A table very suitable for your laptop. this table is for those who spend a lot of time using laptop ..

Rs 1,400

Portronics UFO Home Charging Station 6 Ports 8A Output

Sometimes we have more gadgets to charge at a time as compared to number of sockets available, in su..

Rs 650

Powerful Green Burning Laser Pointer with 5 Miles Range

This is an extremely powerful laser which could easily burn matchsticks, cardboard, plastic from clo..

Rs 580

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset for iOS and Android

Enjoy 360 degree 3D videos and gaming using this good quality popular virtual reality headset which ..

Rs 1,999

Protonics Portable Re-writable LCD Ruffpad with Content Safety button

Go paperless use this amazing gadget instead of using old ways to take down notes. Its a portable sm..

Rs 500

Puro Multifunction 7 In 1 Red Laser Pointer LED Ballpoint Pen

This is a very interesting multifunction 7 in 1 pen gadget, it is a pen with laser pointer, Telescop..

Rs 250

Pyro Mini Fireshooter by Magic Wrist Device Shoots Fireballs

This Super gadget allows you to launch fire from your open palm. As Pyro shoots REAL fire Heat up yo..

Rs 25,000

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